Axcon is a service company providing nationwide mechanical installation, on-site fabrication solutions, and services for the Supply Chain, Retail Distribution, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Material Handling industries. We maintain integrity throughout our business cycle and that means delivering on our promises, and doing what it takes to get the job done. We think it’s the right way to do business. Our customers agree, since they choose to collaborate with us on additional projects. Keeping our promise is not an option, it’s part of who we are.

1. Service Excellence – Axcon intentionally avoids making claims that we provide excellent service. Since we are a company specializing in service; providing excellent service is an expected core process. We prove excellent service by demonstration and make you look good to your customer.

2. Schedule Driven – Axcon invests up front during the proposal phase to understand project resources requirements as mandated by the schedule. When the project is started we understand the importance of the schedule. Axcon is proud to assert that we have never missed a schedule and that our competence allows us to replicate the process for all customers.

3. Consistent Quality – There is a huge difference between consistent quality and occasional quality. Any company can occasionally produce a quality product. But what separates an ordinary company from an extraordinary company is the ability to replicate the quality process again and again. We Do!

4. Competence – Forward thinking and planning moves us ahead with superior results. From proposal though start up you enjoy the benefit of a seamless project with excellent communication and leadership. WE RESPOND FAST

5. Strength – Resources, both personnel and financial, afford us the ability to respond with vigor for several concurrent flagship projects. No need to feel anxious or wonder how things will unfold if we dedicate resources to 5 or 6 multi-million dollar concurrent projects. Been there done that.


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